To get started, you need to create a ShopWithScrip account. Click here to set up your account. During the Scrip registration process, you will be asked for your organization’s unique enrollment code. Here’s the enrollment code for UUCSW: 7B5DFAL253978

In November 2016, we introduced an exciting new fundraising program for UUCSW called ShopWithScrip. Scrip is fundraising while you shop. Gift cards purchased through Scrip earn a rebate percentage for the church – rebates vary depending on the retailer. For instance, a Scrip eCard for Amazon earns a 2.5% rebate, a Regal Cinemas eCard earns 8%, and LL Bean earns 16%! There are over 300 retailers participating in Scrip, so you’ll want to visit to check them all out! Both physical gift cards and electronic gift cards (eCards) may be purchased. In addition, many vendors support reloading of physical gift cards.

Scrip supports two ways to pay for orders, by check and by PrestoPay, a secure online payment service linked to your checking account. To simplify coordination of the program and for quicker turn-around on orders, UUCSW will support PrestoPay only.

To set up PrestoPay, log in to your ShopWithScrip account, navigate to the Dashboard and click the “PrestoPay” link under Family Functions. Follow the instructions to set up you PrestoPay account. You’ll need your checking account number and bank routing number, which can be found at the bottom of your bank checks.

As part of the PrestoPay verification process, two random small amounts of money will be deposited in your checking account within two business days. Keep an eye on your account and as soon as you see the deposits, return to ShopWithScrip, and complete the PrestoPay verification process by entering the two deposit amounts. You will also select a 4-digit PIN that you’ll use each time you check out a Scrip order.

After successfully setting up and verifying your PrestoPay account, you will be sent an approval code, which you’ll need to send to Lisa Shumway, our program coordinator, at Once Lisa approves your PrestoPay account, you’ll receive an email from ShopWithScrip letting you know you are ready to place orders with PrestoPay.

Now you can start shopping!

Login to your ShopWithScrip account, and click “Shop” to find retailers and add orders to your cart for physical gift cards, eCards, and reloads. When you’re ready to submit your order, navigate to the cart and select “PrestoPay” (not “Check”). Enter your PIN, carefully review your order, and click “Submit Order”.

Physical gift cards will be sent to Lisa and she will bring them to church for distribution. eCards and reloads will appear on your ShopWithScrip “Dashboard” within minutes. MyScripWallet is the easiest way to purchase ScripNow eCards while out and about at stores and restaurants. Visit to set up this mobile solution for Scrip.

If you have questions, email Lisa Shumway at We hope you think of UUCSW’s Scrip Fundraising program whenever you shop. Thank you!