Board Letter April 2022

Spring on the church calendar means preparing for the next church year. This includes figuring who will fill the various volunteer roles in the congregation. The most visible part of that is the nominating committee determining the slate of officers for us to vote on at our Annual meeting. Other committees recruit new members and determine who will be chair for next year. 

We have some very important positions to fill including board trustee (3 year term) and clerk (1 year term). It is vitally important that we fill the board trustee and clerk positions. They are time limited but written into our constitution. In addition, they help provide a diversity of opinion and ideas in the board which helps our whole community.  

It is important that we fill these roles to have a successful and healthy next year. We need to share the load of volunteering wide enough that no one gets burned out and our church can have a fun and effective year.

A few months ago I asked people to consider the following question:

“How can I be involved in activities and leadership in ways that feel life-giving and not based on obligation?”

Now we are moving from considering to acting. Talk with someone on a committee that interests you or you want to learn more about. Listen if someone contacts you about a role. And consider ways in which this can help you learn more about yourself and your answer to the above question.  

And most of all be willing to embrace the uncertainty of saying “yes” – some of my most rewarding experiences at UUCSW came from trying something new that I was not certain I would like or be good at. And I learned a lot more about myself in trying new things and interacting with people in different ways.

For we do this together.
Thank you, David King