Worship services begin on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am (9:30 am in the summer). Services are held on the main floor (you can enter either by the front door on West Main Street or by the side door on Ruggles Street.) For those who need an assisted entrance, there is an elevator by the Ruggles Street door.

As you walk into the building, our greeters will offer you an order of service and can provide information about seating, childcare, and assistive devices. It’s especially helpful to them if you say it’s your first time; they’ll tell you whatever you need to know. They can offer you a name tag to help others greet you after the service. Go on in and sit down where ever you are comfortable.

What do I wear to worship?

Blue jeans? Sport coat and tie? Sneakers? Dress, skirt, pants? Come as you are. People come to service in all manner of dress, from tee shirts to a bit more formal.

What do I do with my children when I visit?

The greeters will tell you what’s happening on the day you visit. Religious Education (Sunday School) classes take place during the 10:30 am service. Children often participate in the beginning portion of the service with their parents, and then go to their classes. Your kids can also stay with you of course.

What goes on during the worship services?

No two services are exactly alike, yet there are familiar patterns. The Sunday service usually lasts about an hour. Most times, our minister conducts the service. At other times lay worship leaders conduct the entire service. Services typically include:

  • Generally, there’s a theme for the day that ties the various elements of the service together
  • Lighting the chalice – our symbol of the start of the service
  • Singing of hymns by the congregation
  • Announcements by members
  • Inspirational readings
  • Sharing by those who wish to tell of joys or sorrows
  • Offertory – yes we ask for a contribution, but please don’t feel obligated
  • Sermon

There is a fellowship hour right after the service, with conversation, connection, coffee, tea, juice and a variety of snacks served in the Chapel a few steps up from the Sanctuary.