Board Letter December 2022

UUCSW has had reasons to celebrate in 2022!  While crawling toward normalcy post-pandemic, one of these reasons to celebrate is that Rev. Laurel is now fully-credentialled and has been granted Full Fellowship by the UUA.  In granting this status, the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee noted that “the appreciation, esteem, and trust with which [Rev. Laurel] is held by the UUCSW congregation is evident” and Rev. Laurel was “able to collaborate with the membership and lay leaders in such a way that it deepened trust and respect.”  Indeed!  The UUSCW Board of Trustees is excited to celebrate this milestone with Rev. Laurel.  We look forward to nurturing our relationship with Rev. Laurel and creating abundance.

Stacy Spies, Co-Chair, UUCSW Board of Trustees