Trying to Be Ethical in a Complex World

led by Jim Kirk

You try to do the right thing, but it’s getting harder and harder in our complex world. Corporations and conglomerates have usurped even the power of governments, and economics and profit have stifled the voice of civic institutions and We the People. … read more.

It’s Sunday Morning. Why Are You Here?

led by Helen Wolfson and Eric Thomas

For this service, we welcome guest service leaders Helen Wolfson and Eric Thomas, fellow UUs from the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (ERUUF) in Durham, NC. Today, more Americans than ever identify as religiously unaffiliated. What is it about … read more.

Radical Roots of Mother’s Day

led by Phyllis Samara

This week’s service will visit radical mothers in history and today. There will be a re-enacting of the story of the Mother’s Day Proclamation given by Julia Ward Howe in 1870, and mothers telling their stories. No two mothers’ stories are the … read more.