Members and Friends Sunday

Led by Rev. Laurel Gray

This is our annual Members and Friends service when we celebrate the joy of being together in community and recommit to our covenant of care and mutuality. If you are interested in officially signing the membership book so you can vote … read more.

Celebration Sunday

Led by Rev. Laurel Gray

Come celebrate together as we kick off our annual pledge drive! We’ll reflect on plans for next year and how we share resources as part of being in loving community. We’ll reflect on what it means to value equity over equality, … read more.

Spring Transformation

Led by Rev. Laurel Gray and the Garden Team

Spring has sprung – at least according to the calendar! Today Rev. Laurel and members of the Garden Team will share about how outdoor spaces can transform our sense of welcome and foster a sense of new … read more.

Sunday Service

Led by members of our Racial Justice Committee

Easter Sunday: A People Transformed

Led by Rev. Laurel Gray

Resurrection can be a sticky theological concept for UUs. Come gather for this festive Easter service as we reflect on what it means to be transformed by love. There will be an Easter Egg Hunt before service – come one, come … read more.

Oh the Tales We Tell

Rev. Laurel Gray

Telling the truth is no small thing, especially when we’re naming the ways that people we love have hurt us. Today we’ll reflect on secret keeping, what it really means to gossip, and the liberatory power of being honest together.