Board Letter November 2021

How Do We Create Boundaries that Cultivate a Sense of Belonging?

That is one of the two big questions that the UUCSW Board of Trustees chose to guide our decision-making this year. We posed the question at the October 24, 2021 Sunday service and it tied in neatly with Rev. Laurel’s October 10, 2021 service about living in covenant with one another. We’ve been reflecting on how we interact with one another in ways big and small. How do we cultivate a safe space while encouraging discussions where people may have differing opinions? How do we support one another as we make our way?

The difficult thing about asking The Big Questions is knowing that we won’t have The Big Answers, at least not right away. Let’s figure it out together.

You are welcome to contact the Board with your questions or comments at Your input is valued and appreciated. Thank you.

UUCSW Board of Trustees