Board Letter October 2021

On Sunday Rev. Laurel preached about covenant – a mutual sacred promise to care for each other in community – and how covenants are the very core of what we do and who we are as Unitarian Universalists. When we began thinking about hybrid services last spring, our promise was that we would not shift to having Sunday morning services in person until the whole congregation was reasonably safe from Covid. The idea being that we didn’t want to put anyone in the position of choosing between their health and their congregation, nor did we want to prioritize or exclude any group of people. Sunday morning services are intended to be equal and open to all, so we are treating them with the most care.

In partnership with the reopening advisory panel and the staff, we have decided to keep Sunday morning services on Zoom at least until January 1st. We are working on coming up with metrics for determining the threshold of safety and would like your input in this survey.

We are also trying to think creatively about different ways of meeting the needs that Zoom services don’t meet. There is a section for this in the survey.

Unlike last year, we are allowing smaller groups to choose how they will meet. Meaning, smaller groups can collectively choose to meet in person if the group members feel safe doing so.

In addition to completing the survey, you are welcome to contact the Board with your questions or comments at Your input is valued and appreciated. Thank you.

UUCSW Board of Trustees

Full link to the survey here: