Communications Update September 2021

Members and Friends:

You may have noticed that the look of our publications has undergone some changes over the summer. After a collaborative process begun last spring, we are pleased to announce that we have redesigned our website, revised the format of our Weekly Update, and reimagined our longstanding monthly newsletter – The Vista – as a blog where UUCSW’s lay leaders and staff share perspectives on congregational life.

The first week of each month, The Vista will feature a post by Rev. Laurel; the third week of each month, the blog will feature a post by the Board; and the other weeks of each month will be available for posts by other staff and committee leaders who have information they would like to share in this new online medium.

In addition to updating our publications, we have also formally adopted the familiar double-ring chalice image found throughout our building as our “official” logo, rendered in a peaceful blue drawn from our stained-glass windows. In fact, all of the colors now found in our online and print publications are derived from our windows, in acknowledgement of our shared connection to our beloved gathering space (even if we haven’t been able to be there as often as we would have liked these past 18 months!)

UUCSW’s new graphics and color palette have been saved in a shared Google folder so that any staff member or volunteer can use them to promote church activities and events. (If you need the link, please email Also, if you are involved in a church committee or group that would like to request a page on our website, write a post for The Vista, or submit an announcement for the Weekly Update, please don’t hesitate to reach out. These communication tools are yours to use!

With best wishes for the new church year,

Elisa Scully, Office Administrator