Music Director’s Letter May 2022

The benefits of community singing are numerous. Community singing nurtures the spirit and fosters a sense of connection and belonging; studies have shown that the hearts of people who sing together beat in unison! In fact, the benefits of singing in a group extend beyond the spiritual and emotional; it has been shown to lower heart rate, strengthen the immune system, soothe physiological pain, and boost mood and self-esteem.

According to Chorus of America (an organization dedicated to transforming communities through the power of singing), community singing is different from traditional choir: “a community sing is about ordinary people joining their friends and neighbors in a public place to sing, just for the fun of it. Everyone is welcome and there is no practice or performance. There is not an audience. Everyone sings.”

Here at UUCSW, we believe in fostering an inclusive and participatory culture in the music arts. It is a joy to announce that we will be hosting a weekly community sing after Sunday services through the end of the church year. Choral experience is not required; all are welcome!

Join us beginning this Sunday, May 8th at 11:30am to share in the joy of community singing.

Kala Farnham