Minister’s Letter January 2021


About a decade ago, a friend gave me Pema Chödrön’s book Comfortable With Uncertainty. As a divinity school student, I had already learned that my religion-positive vibe meant people around me wanted to share their spiritual inspiration with me. I think I skimmed a chapter and thought “this is nice” before losing the book on my shelf.

I’m not sure living through nearly two years of a pandemic has made us “comfortable” with uncertainty, but it has perhaps made us practiced at navigating uncertainty. I, personally, love a plan (and thus, also, planners). And, I’m much better at holding plans lightly after the last two years, which is something of a relief.

The enormous uncertainty involved in planning, un-planning, re-planning, and having no idea what to plan has made me, and perhaps all of us, focus more on the things that matter: whatever thing of meaning or value sprouted the plan in the first place.

As a congregation, we gather to support our community, to share each other’s company, and tend our own spirits. But during a pandemic, care has meant gathering differently, and so we did. Because that part is certain: being in community means caring for each other.

So, no matter what curveballs pandemic life continues to throw as we enter this year, we can rest in the certainty that being in community means caring for each other. The plans will follow. And we will find our way together.


Rev. Laurel