Minister’s Letter October 2021


The start of the new church year seems to always feel like a whirlwind – the space between Water Communion and “oh it’s October!” is a blur of activity. With our efforts to navigate Covid safety, build hybrid service technology, re-launch the year’s programs, and hire a Religious Educator, this September was definitely a blur.

And as we move through fall, trying to make plans with the ongoing reality of Covid, we are sitting with questions of inclusivity, safety, and living by our principles. In August, the Board and church staff agreed that we would continue doing services online through the end of October. Now, with the guidance of the Reopening Advisory Panel, we are faced with making a decision about November services. Please know that you can email to express your hopes and concerns around Covid planning and in-person services.

Amidst all of this, we are still searching for a Religious Education staff member. We are currently exploring the possibility of creating a joint RE program with two local UU congregations. The hope is that we can create a more robust and thriving religious education program for our kids and youth if we team up. Combining our efforts also presents the possibility of having the financial resources to hire a more seasoned educator and compensate them fairly. If you are a parent or youth and have more questions as this possibility unfolds, please email the RE Committee at

These are a lot of big things that we’re working on, so I want to thank everyone who’s involved in helping us find our way together – from the Board, to the staff, to the UUA, to all the task forces and committees, we are certainly better together.

Rev. Laurel