Bring Back the Buzz: Why Pollinators Need Banquets in Our Backyards

Led by Meredith Barges

Meredith Barges is a born-and-raised UU originally from Williston, Vermont. As a Master of Divinity student in her final year at Yale University, she is preparing for work as a Bird Conservationist and EarthCare Chaplain, sowing seeds of Care in our climate-changed world. As the co-chair of Lights Out Connecticut and a policy researcher at Yale Law School, she works toward system changes to make our cities and towns safer for migratory birds. She also organizes bird-themed community gatherings, like an upcoming mystical bird walk and bird-themed sip n’ paint.  In 2021, she helped convince Yale Divinity School to become the first “Lights Out” bird-friendly campus in Connecticut. Most weekends, you can find her birding in East Rock Park or in the Yale DivFarm growing flowers and herbs for pollinators.