100,000 Cars

led by Jerry Breecher & Christa Thomas-Sowers

Amongst all the things that are hollered out of car windows at us supporting Black Lives Matter in the Westborough Rotary, the ones that keep us going are the “Thank you”s, thumbs up, and honks. Christa and Jerry reflect … read more.

Hearts of Flesh

led by Rev. Laurel Gray

This is a reflection on my experience serving as a chaplain on a heart transplant unit – caring for people who had literally received new hearts – and the biblical story about having our heart of stone replaced with a heart … read more.

My Greatest Gift

led by Rev. Michelle Ma, West Shore UU Church

It’s always an interesting time to be a chaplain, but being a chaplain at a Veterans Affairs hospital during these times is even more so. Rev. Michelle Ma finds it challenging much of the time, but always … read more.