Moving from Grief to Justice

Led by Rev. Jo Murphy from UU Mass Action

In a world where devastation is palpable every day, it is often difficult not to default to despair and fear. Though this despair is so present, I find there is hope in letting yourself grieve. Join me in investigating … read more.

Taking Up Space

led by Rev. Laurel Gray

Tis the season of fad diets and gym memberships galore, an onslaught of messaging that our worth is conditional on our size. Today we’ll reflect on the blessing of taking up space and the difficult truth that inherent worthiness leaves no … read more.

Faith That Guides Us

led by Rev. Laurel Gray

Before the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King became a civil rights leader, he was a pastor, a man of faith who knew that faith was key to resistance.

His legacy asks us to reflect on our own deepest roots, the faith that … read more.