Let Our Young People Lead and We Will Be One

led by Martha Durkee-Neuman

Within our Unitarian Universalist tradition, we have a powerful history of youth and young adult organizing and leadership. Our young people have often been at the forefront of change in our denomination and in our communities. Join us for an exploration of … read more.

A Full Table

led by Rev. Laurel Gray

For many people, Thanksgiving is a holiday that inspires feelings of warmth, good food, and family. And it’s also a day that is steeped in intergenerational trauma, tenuous family dynamics, and the genocide of indigenous people. Today we’ll make space for … read more.

It’s Complicated

led by Rev. Aisha Ansano

Have Unitarian Universalists always been on the “right side” of history? Well…it’s complicated. Join Rev. Aisha for an exploration of a few moments in UU history, some of which we’re proud of, and some of which we prefer to ignore.