Coming of Age

This service will be led by our Coming of Age group. As Unitarian Universalists, the Coming of Age ritual is a time when we recognize the transition from childhood into the beginning of adulthood. The youth spend weeks reflecting on their core values and what … read more.

Stories of Resilience in Hard Times

led by Rev. Laurel Gray

On this Memorial Day weekend, we’ll continue our theme of storytelling and focus on stories of resilience in hard times. We will both take time to honor those who have served in the military and remember the story of how our … read more.

A Single Story, Many Perspectives

led by Meredith O’Brien

We share our collective and individual history through stories, some of which have tenuous connections to reality and others which are spot-on accurate. Writer and Northeastern University journalism faculty Meredith O’Brien will discuss how – in a quest for truth – it’s … read more.