Common Sense is Neither Common or Sense

How often have you said — “it’s just common sense”? Well, what used to be common sense has changed through the ages. From the world being the center of the universe to the universe being made up of mysterious stuff we cannot see. Andy Koenigsberg … read more.

Belonging to Ourselves

Reflecting on Brene Brown’s book “Braving the Wilderness,” we’ll consider what it means to belong to ourselves, and the ways that our relationship with ourselves informs how we build community. Led by Rev. Laurel Gray.

Criminal Injustice – Cash Bail and Incarceration

Muriel Kramer is an advocate for change in criminal justice policy and understands cash bail to be unjust – a system that is both unnecessary and overly burdensome on people of color and all who are poor. Until cash bail is eliminated, she will work … read more.