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Board Letter March 2022

It’s OK not to be OK.

We opened this month’s Board meeting with the following words of Rev. Molly Brewer:

I cannot pretend,

And so I will not tell you,

That everything is okay right now. That there is no reason to be angry, That you must be optimistic

Or … read more.

Minister’s Letter March 2022


Between attending a virtual conference and taking a week of study leave to re-center, February felt impossibly short. And I’m admittedly looking forward to more spring flowers and less black ice – I know mud season will come in the middle, that shift between … read more.

Board Letter February 2022

A new world is waiting to be built

Yesterday I was having a conversation about my 2021 COVID experience. My friend asked me what I’ve learned, what I’m bringing forward with me. I just want to erase 2021, I thought. In fact, hers was a good … read more.

Minister’s Letter February 2022


When I moved to San Francisco I was shocked to find that spring began in February. My birthday is at the end of the month and I grew up associating this time of year with the  gray-tinged snow-sludge of southern New England, and the … read more.

Racial Justice Committee Update January 2022

Book Discussion: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho

The Racial Justice Committee of UUCSW will sponsor a book discussion as a part of their ongoing search for understanding of racism here and now. Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man by Emmanuel Acho … read more.

Board Letter January 2022

Living with Intention in a Church Community

One of our big questions for this year is: “How can people be involved in activities and leadership in ways that feel life-giving and not based on obligation?” This question affects all churches and volunteer organizations because there are fewer people … read more.

Minister’s Letter January 2021


About a decade ago, a friend gave me Pema Chödrön’s book Comfortable With Uncertainty. As a divinity school student, I had already learned that my religion-positive vibe meant people around me wanted to share their spiritual inspiration with me. I think I skimmed a … read more.

Board Letter December 2021

Greetings of the season from the board!

It is the season of giving, but there is continuous sharing of time, talent, and treasure all year long among all those in our community. The generosity of each and every member of this church is much appreciated. We … read more.

Steeple Update December 2021

The steeple is nearly finished! As you can see the weathervane is back up as are the banners, and the back window has been sealed leaving the pigeons wondering how to get back into their nests.

All that remains now are the replacement of the four … read more.

Minister’s Letter December 2021


I think I’ve spent the last week in denial that it’s really December, or at least not having caught up with the idea that this calendar year is coming to a close. I remember last year and all the longing for the new year, … read more.